Youtube Celebrities + Aussie Idol

WOW i really need a new laptop, I’m using a shitty asus laptop atm that whenever i type, the letters becomes unjumbed and moves to a different line. It’s getting kinda irritating. I wrote a long paragraph Post just before and i had to retype it again, this keyboard is going all psyhco on me!!

Anyhoo, Jessica Mauboy is performing at Neverland tommorow night! I’m going there with liviz and Marco. I Invited a bunch of HS mates on FB to come out tommorow night, but most of them couldn’t make it! BOOOO!!

I absolutely love JM new songs! She’s very talented and has an amazing RNB voice, I’m so proud that she made it this far! Regardless of her not winning the Australian Idol contest.

It’s also the Youtube Boombox tour that’s on 4pm at Dallas Brook Centre. I really want to go the event, however i had already agreed to cover someones shift at work tommorow! BOOOOO!!! Youtube stars such as Kevjumba, Nigahiga, Jayesslee, Andrew Garcia and other artists will be performing. I was a fan and a subscriber of Kevjumba and Nigahiga eversince i was 17! Ooo How time flies! It’s just amazing how they’re fame has expanded dramatically throughout these years! My fav YT vid of Kevjumba would have to be the collab he did with Happyslip,where he was the BF ahaha. Ohh btw tommorow is Friday the 13th..o0o0o0o